Innovations in Portable Water Purification Systems.

Global Hydration specializes in water purification solutions and support. A federally incorporated, Canadian company, Global Hydration was started in 2001 as founders and brothers, Andrew and Ian Moorey, took on the challenge of finding an alternative to bottled water in response to regional emergency preparedness and industrial needs. 

Global Hydration first developed the Can Pure Water Purification System (WPS) which quickly became the chosen product of Canada's federal and provincial heavy urban search and rescue teams (HUSAR). Developed as a highly compact and portable water treatment system for fresh water from surface sources such as lakes and rivers, the Can Pure WPS became the first of many solutions soon to be offered by Global Hydration. The Can Pure Model #5 is now one of the most portable water purification systems available on the market today and the only system in its class with NSF 55 Class A UV disinfection.

Global Hydration continued to expand, developing a wide selection of custom designed accessories and supporting products. This was done both in-house and through strategic alliances with specialized, industry partners. Global Hydration now offers diesel and electric powered water pumps, food grade hose packages, portable water bladders and pillow tanks, filters, ship/storage cases and more.

More Than Just Emergency Water Treatment Systems.

Eager to respond to customer requests for further water purification solutions, Global Hydration entered into a strategic alliance with Medentech Ltd. of Ireland to be the exclusive, master agent for Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets in Canada. Global Hydration is now proud to carry the full line up of Aquatabs products as well as a number of innovative Aquatabs kits and systems designed by and exclusive to Global Hydration. Now holding special, international distributor status, Global Hydration supplies Aquatabs to a wide variety of customers and markets around the globe from Turkey to Brunei, USA to Haiti.

Global Hydration continued to diversify and respond to the demand for new technologies and solutions, becoming exclusive dealers and distributors for industry leaders such as Norit, Pentair, Spectra and Sawyer.

Community of Customers and Industry Associations.

As our community of customers continues to grow, we're grateful for the opportunity to help more people access safe drinking water. For a selection of customers and clients that we are proud to serve, please click here.

Future Growth and Direction.

No longer a traditional equipment manufacturer, Global Hydration has evolved to become a solutions provider, integrator and distributor of carefully chosen product including top brands and innovative new technologies. We've also expanded to better help the consumer market through Elua, a Global Hydration company. At Elua, we believe that everyone deserves better water and our tag line is "Better water, better life!". Click here to learn more about Elua.

As Global Hydration grows and develops, we look forward to working closely with you, our valued customers and industry partners in a continued effort to provide first class water purification solutions around the globe. Where do you need safe drinking water?


Andrew P. Moorey
CEO & President