At Global Hydration, community is important to what we do. As we further develop and expand our relationships with customers, suppliers, regulatory agencies, governments and end users, our community grows. Whether by old fashioned networking, personal interactions and installations in the field, helping customers by phone and email or reaching out globally within the framework of social media, sparks and interactions between real people are constantly taking place. Connections are made however small or large and our community grows.

In the months to come,  this page which we have titled "community" will continue to grow. Our goal is to support and grow these sparks and interactions that are so important to all of us and which create the community around us. Our intent is to create a community where collaboration and customer engagement can take place and where those involved with clean drinking water at all levels can come together to share their stories, knowledge and ideas.

With this in mind, we'd like to start by sharing a link to a very important new project focussed on improving water access, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) via a unique website created to become a “one stop shop” for funding and needs-related data and information for donors, policymakers, and other stakeholders interested in water, sanitation, and hygiene. Learn more at .

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