IceMule Coolers - Now Available in Canada From Elua

May. 28, 2015

IceMule Coolers are now available in Canada from our consumer division Elua. "IceMule coolers are the best thing that ever happened to ice" says Global Hydration President Andrew Moorey. "At Elua, our goal is to make water better" says Moorey. "There is nothing better than ice cold water at the end of a hike or long day at the beach. IceMule is the world's best soft sided cooler incorporating welded seams and a no zipper design which means no leaks and solid ice after 24 hours or more."

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Bottle Bright - Now Available in Canada Through Master Distributor Global Hydration

Apr. 22, 2015

Bottle Bright, the all-natural, non-toxic water bottle cleaner is now available in Canada. Bottle Bright is distributed in Canada by master distributor Global Hydration.

"We're extremely excited to bring Bottle Bright to Canada" says Global Hydration President Andrew Moorey. "The only thing worse than a dirty water bottle, travel mug, thermos or jerry can is trying to clean it. Fighting with brushes or exposing yourself to dangerous and toxic disinfecting tablets that disinfect but don't clean can be very frustrating." says Moorey. "Bottle Bright is one of the most innovative and practical new products that we've seen for a long time. Bottle Bright is safe, easy to use, non-toxic, biodegrable and certified by the Natural Products Association. And most importantly, it really works!"

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Glasstic Water Bottle Wholesale Program Launched by Global Hydration in Canada

Apr. 02, 2015

"The Glasstic water bottle has quickly become one of our favourite water bottles." says Global Hydration Co-Founder Andrew Moorey. "We're very happy to officially come on board as the exclusive Canadian distributor for the Glasstic water bottle in Canada." continues Moorey. "Our goal is to share with more Canadian just how easy it is to switch to a good quality, reusable glass water bottle when you don't have to worry about it breaking."

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New EPA Registered Disinfectant to Combat Avian Influenza A (H5N1) - Global Hydration

Mar. 23, 2015

A new, US EPA registered disinfectant with NATO Stock Number* (NSN) is now available to help combat the spread of Avian Influenza A (H5N1), also known as Bird Flu or Avian Cholera. As Avian Influenza spreads across the USA and Canada through populations of wild birds, sea birds, poultry farms and migratory birds, there is a growing concern about the possible transmission of H5N1 to humans in close contact with such birds. Contact includes collection and disposal of dead birds and/or the cleaning of bird droppings or feces in commercial or military settings. To reduce the risk of transmission, surfaces in contact with birds suspected or confirmed of carrying Avian Influenza A should be disinfected using a hospital grade disinfectant solution of 958 mg/L (ppm). 

Global Hydration is pleased to announce immediate availability of a US EPA registered, effervescent tablet with NATO Stock Number* (NSN) with this capability. 

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Skratch Labs - Now Available In Canada From Global Hydration

Dec. 12, 2014

Skratch Labs, the all-natural exercise hydration drink mix is now available in Canada. If you're looking for Skratch Labs drink mix in Canada, you can now purchase from authorized distributor Global Hydration. "The Exercise Hydration drink mix from Skratch Labs simply works better than the rest and that's why we wanted to add it to our family of solutions." says Global Hydration CEO Andrew Moorey.

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