Water Miracle GH3000

The Water Miracle is a next generation, skid mounted, ultrafiltration (UF) based water treatment plant. A clean in place pre-filter and automatic UF back wash system combine to treat challenging fresh water sources high in turbidity and sediment without the need for disposable filters. Choose from a 2,000 LPH unit for challenging water sources or an 3,000 LPH unit for standard water sources.

The Water Miracle is ideal as a temporary solution during humanitarian disasters and municipal emergencies or as a permanent solution in remote communities and job sites. The Water Miracle has been sucessfully deployed to natural disasters in Haiti and Chile and is currently installed as part of a pilot project in a Canadian First Nations water treatment plant.

Depending on the quality of the source water, activated carbon, ultraviolet light and/or chlorine disinfectin packages can be added to service as additional barriers.

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How does a WaterFront unit work?

Each WaterFront unit is a plug-and-play system. Using the equipped submersible pump, water is taken from the source and is fed directly into the WaterFront unit. A pre-filter strainer removes larger particles from the feed water. The water is then filtered through Pentair X-Flow’s proven UF membranes, which remove suspended solids including viruses and bacteria.

• Treatment of most fresh water qualities
• No infrastructure needed
• One-button start-up
• No chemicals
• No waste residue
• Low maintenance costs
• Simple daily operation
• Robust construction

3,024 L/hr (800 gal/hr)
72,576 L/day (19,200 gal/day) or

299.8 kg (661 lb)
100.3 x 100.3 x 220 cm
(39.5" x 39.5" x 86.6")

Power Requirements

  • Voltage 230V, 50 Hz, 25 Amp
  • Installed power 3.0 kW
  • Maximum consumed power 2.5 kW
  • Average consumption 1.1 kW
Treatment Chain
Microfiltration, ultrafiltration
2 person
1 person


Frame GVK, Piping PVC

Operating Connections

  • Operating pressure 0 - 58 psi
  • Operating temperature 0 - 104 °F

Norit X-Flow Membrane Specifications

  • Module type SXL-225 PVC 0.8 UFC M5
  • Number of modules 2
  • Total membrane area 2 x 430 sq ft


  • Flux 37.5 lmh (22 gfd)
  • Recovery 80 - 85%
  • Bacteria retention > 99.9999% 1
  • Virus retention > 99.99% 1

The Water Miracle can be configured and ordered with the following options:

  • Ultraviolet Light (UV), (NSF 55 Class A or standard)
  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC),
  • Organic Colour Removal System (OCR), for high levels of organic tannins
  • In-Line Chlorination System

Multiple Water Miracles can be operated in parallel for higher output requirements.

Long-term installations

Norit WaterFront systems are the ideal solution for permanent or semi-permanent installations for locations such as remote work sites or small
communities or to be used as an emergency back-up system for a municipality. Equipped with Norit X-Flow membranes as a primary barrier, the systems
can be configured to deliver either 530 or 800 gallons of safe drinking water per hour. A range of optional post-treatment add-ons are also available
to meet specific needs. Depending on the quality of the source water, activated carbon, ultraviolet (UV) light and/or chlorine disinfection packages can
be added to serve as additional barriers.

Emergency response

When combined with the optional secondary UV barrier and a stainless steel frame construction, the Norit WaterFront systems provide the ultimate
emergency response water treatment system regardless of the source water conditions. Designed to be mobile, the units can be transported from
location to location as needed. The units are capable of producing 530 gallons of high-

What is the difference between the GH2000 and GH3000 Water Miracle?

The difference between the 2 units is a simple flow restrictor that allows one unit to produce 2,000 litres per hour and the other 3,000 litres per hour. This small change makes a substanial difference as to how much work the UF membranes do before each automatic backflush cycle. The quality of the water being produced between the 2 models is the same but the GH2000 will provide longer service between membrane cleanings. The GH3000 unit is best suited for spring, ground water and low fouling (including low TOC) and low solids (NTU or TSS) surface waters. The GH2000 is best suited for surface waters with high fouling and solids potential. Outside of the flow restrictor and amount of water being produced, all else remains equal between the 2 models.

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