We offer water purification systems and solutions for emergency preparedness.

Global Hydration has water purification tablets, filters, purifiers and turn-key systems for all levels of emergency preparedness be it for families, business continuity, NGOs or government. Water purification is a critical component of 72 hour emergency preparedness kits and plans and one of the most important things to consider when creating a list of emergency essentials.

We offer proven products and solutions to provide self reliance, freedom and independance in the wake of natural or man-made disaster. Your emergency water purification solution must be reliable, rugged, proven and simple.

  • If your municipal water treatment plants fail after natural disasters, how will you respond?
  • If a Boil Water Advisory is issued and a power failure strikes, how will you boil your water?
  • What will you do when bottled water is not available?

We can help you determine how much water you need, what technology is best suited for your emergency needs and what waterborne contaminants you should be concerned with. Whether you need to protect your family, your business or your community, Global Hydration has the experience and knowledge to help.