We make finding the right water purification system for your remote mining, exploration, forestry or outfitter camp easy.

Surface water sources such as lakes and rivers, even sea water, can now be used to dramatically reduce the costs and supply chain problems associated with bottled water while also improving employee morale and assisting with regulatory and health and safety compliance.

We can help determine the amount of water your camp will need, how to keep supply lines from freezing, how to create and monitor residual chlorine and more. From ultra-compact solutions for small exploration, prospecting or mining teams to modular water treatment systems for small, medium and large scale mining, forestry or tourist camps, we can help.  We also supply potable water bladders,  chlorinators, food grade hose and heat trace supply line.

We have built our success on delivering rugged, reliable and easy to use mobile solutions designed to purify challenging water sources, often in extreme cold environments.